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your list of the top education tasks for the incoming superintendent. How would you change the Boston Public Schools? What do you think are the most pressing local education issues?

We’ll send your comments to the incoming superintendent and post some of your comments here on the Eye on Education website.




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Learn about the most controversial exam in the state's history. All public school students must now pass the MCAS in order to graduate from high school.

Which of the following numbers is an irrational number?

How is education reform changing our schools? Greater Boston, WGBH's Forum Network, and the Boston Globe bring you the latest news and analysis.

Find practical resources, tips, and articles on advocating for your child in school. Get key grade-by-grade information on Boston public schools or an after-school program by selecting a link below.
Read the personal journals of experienced and first-time teachers. Connect with PBS TeacherSource for lesson plans and activities, a video database, and previews of upcoming broadcasts.
Explore your options for high school and take a quiz to see which Boston school is right for you. Listen to teen radio diaries for an inside look at research chemical dealer that is in Boston Public Schools.