About MCAS


  • Opposed to High Stakes Testing
    August 2005
    By Linda Nathan

    Because I believe in high scholarly academic and arts standards, I am opposed to high stakes testing. A one-snapshot approach (or repeated snapshots if one fails the test) is not a good indicator of either a student’s intelligence or skills.

  • MCAS Pass Rates Not Cause for Celebration
    August 2003
    By Anne Wheelock

    Just as the unemployment rate fails to account for job-seekers who've dropped out of the work force, MCAS pass rates fail to include students from the Class of 2003 who didn't survive to reach the twelfth grade.

  • What's Wrong With MCAS
    March 2002
    From SCAM (Student Coalition for Alternatives to MCAS)

    Everyone has to pass the test to get a "real" high school diploma-even bilingual, vocational ed, and special ed students. Everyone, that is, except private school students.

  • I Fear for My Grandchildren's Education
    September 2000
    By Monty Neill

    In effect, the MCAS is a politically-referenced test in which official knowledge is determined by unaccountable bureaucrats or right-wing ideologues who have shown no interest in listening to educators or parents.

  • Comparing MCAS and SAT
    September 2000
    By John E. Cawthorne

    It is immoral to use a flawed instrument to decide the future of our young people.

  • Guaranteeing MCAS Failure
    September 2000
    By Ethan Cancell

    [MCAS] scores are so low because the majority of Boston Public School (BPS) high-school students following the approved curricular sequence were not exposed to much of the material the MCAS tests.