About MCAS


  • 7 Reasons to Stay the Course
    March 2002
    From Mass Insight Education

    The MCAS graduation requirement is focusing unprecedented public attention on the achievement gap in every school, and is pushing educators, parents, and communities to make sure that all students develop fundamental skills.

  • Skills That Matter
    September 2000
    By Dr. Russell Dever

    Contrary to popular belief, the MCAS does not encourage rote memorization; instead, it asks students to think analytically about issues ranging from how to create a persuasive argument to calculating the distance of a long car trip.

  • Graduation Requirements Must Apply to All
    September 2000
    By William H. Guenther

    Standards and tests with consequences will improve schools and make students better prepared. They cannot do so without setting one minimum graduation standard that will keep the pressure on everyone — schools, students, parents, and the larger community — to invest in solutions. We can't pretend any longer that the problem doesn't exist.

  • MCAS Is Just the Messenger
    September 2000
    By Patricia Sweitzer

    Yes, MCAS is a tough test, but the passing standard is fair. Yes, the state standards and testing program are not perfect. But MCAS is not the problem with student achievement, it’s just the messenger.