Latino Youth Recognition Days at Fenway Park
"We are very proud to present a high profile annual event for Latino students, and for the parents, teachers and family members who are a very important part of their success. These students are a wonderful example of how hard work, determination and a strong support system can pay off."
Alberto Vasallo, III
El Mundo Newspaper
Founder of Latino Youth Recognition Days

"Education is a pillar of our community efforts. The Red Sox are honored to host a ceremony to highlight and praise the academic achievements and community involvement of Latino students from Boston-area middle schools. It's a simple way to focus the spotlight on tomorrow's leaders today."
Dr. Charles Steinberg
Red Sox Executive VP
Public Affairs

WGBH's Eye on Education joins El Mundo Newspaper and the Boston Red Sox in celebrating Latino Youth Recognition Days at Fenway Park. Pre-game ceremonies on the field honor top Latino students from public middle schools in the Greater Boston area. In the past nine years, over one thousand students have been honored in these ceremonies that reward and encourage academic success.

Each middle school that participates in Latino Youth Recognition Days identifies one girl and one boy based on the following criteria: students must be of Latino origin, have a minimum B+ average, and demonstrate a willingness to help others in their communities.

This summer, these high achieving students are honored at three Red Sox home games. Eye on Education is proud to recognize these outstanding students.