Parents: Reporting a Problem

This information is from the 2004-2005 Boston Public Schools Policy Handbook.

If you have a school-related problem, we want to help solve it. For the fastest resolution to your problem, please call the individuals or offices for help in the order listed. If possible, send a written description of your problem. Write down the name of everyone you speak with, and keep all documents and letters related to your problem.

School Assignments, Transfers, and Waiting Lists
1. School Hot Line (August 25-September 12), 617-635-9046
2. Family Resource Centers
3. Assignment Unit, 617-635-9516

REMEMBER: Principals and headmasters can't make or change school assignments or guarantee that your child can attend a certain school.

1. Principal or headmaster
2. Transportation Unit, 617-635-9520

1. Principal or headmaster
2. Operational Leader
3. Safety Office, 617-635-8000
4. 1-877-SCH-SAFE, confidential safety "tip" line

Issues Affecting Your Child's Learning
1. Teacher
2. Principal or headmaster
3. Deputy Superintendents for Clusters and School Leaders, 617-635-9231

General School Rules
1. Principal or headmaster
2. Cluster leader
3. Deputy Superintendent for Family and Community Engagement, 617-635-9660
4. Superintendent's Ombudsperson, 617-635-6995

1. Principal or headmaster
2. Operational Leader
3. Superintendent's Hearing Officer, 617-635-7758

Cluster Information
Boston schools are organized into nine clusters. The Operational Leaders are assigned to three clusters each. If you don't know what cluster your child's school is in, call the school office.

Cluster 1: East Boston High School
Cluster 2: Quincy Elementary
Cluster 3: Condon Elementary
Cluster 5: Horace Mann School for the Deaf
Cluster 6: Jennie Barron Building
Cluster 7: King Middle School
Cluster 8: Ohrenberger Elementary
Cluster 9: Hyde Park High School
Cluster 10: Lee Elementary

Note there is no longer a Cluster 4.

For more information, please visit the BPS web site.