Parents: Boston Public Schools Grade 1

Promotion Policy

This information is from the 2004-2005 Boston Public Schools Policy Handbook.

The Boston Public Schools are committed to ensuring that every graduate is a lifelong learner, productive worker, responsible citizen, and thoughtful participant in our diverse communities. Every teacher, administrator, parent/guardian and other adult involved in the lives of our students shares in the responsibility to ensure that all students meet these expectations.

Promotion Requirements for All Grades
Students must fulfill several requirements to be promoted to the next grade. All students must earn passing grades in certain courses, and maintain good attendance. In some grades, students also have to pass standardized tests in reading and math.

Promotion Requirements for Grade 1
To be promoted to grade 2, students must meet both these requirements:

  1. Pass English Language Arts or English as a Second Language (ESL).
  2. Pass Mathematics.

There are no standardized test requirements in grade 1.

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