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While area colleges have regularly staged performances of the play [The Vagina Monologues], few high schools have followed suit, shying away from a script that contains the now-infamous triple orgasm scene.

"Yeah there's this test, yeah there's a diploma, but what about skills?" Kaplan said. "The problem is not that a kid doesn't have a piece of paper. The problem is that a kid has low math and language skills."

“This is not a culture of peace that we’re living in,” Mireles said. “Professional development dollars are tighter and the ones that are provided are provided for more direct math skills, not for social justice and peace.”

In the perennial struggle to involve parents in their children's education, Karen Mapp preaches a radical approach to principals: Don't wait for parents to come to you. Go to them, even if you have to go to churches, supermarkets, or nail salons.

'What they do for kids: They give you self-esteem and backing," said Kalu Ugwuomo, who's now spending his summer as a college mentor for younger students. "I had the willpower to do it, but they just gave me that extra push."
Although Massachusetts fourth-graders led the nation on a recent reading test, schools like Stefanik Memorial Elementary in Chicopee show how far the state still has to go to meet new federal reading standards.
"The first year teaching, I couldn't believe the math skills that my students didn't have," said Knudsen, 32, who made the shift from industry four years ago. "Now you see that students' math skills are much higher."
The apex of Kelley's teaching life, she says, was the day one of her first-grade students learned the long `A'. "That doesn't sound like much to the average person, but to have him break through and learn how to sound out words," said Kelley. "I still think about that moment in my life."
When Steve Fernandez recently circulated an antiwar petition among his fellow teachers at Boston Latin School, many of them demurred, saying they shared his sentiments, but feared speaking out.