Teacher Radio Diaries 2002

WGBH 89.7 went behind the scenes with Boston YWCA's Youth Voice Collaborative to produce "Classroom Voices: Teen and Teacher Radio Diaries." The series explores the first-hand experiences of Boston public school students and teachers in the midst of education reform. The following radio diaries are from 2002.

Dinah Shepherd teaches English to freshmen and juniors at City on a Hill Charter School in Boston. She received her undergraduate degree in African American Studies from Oberlin College in Ohio. Her favorite book to teach is Malcolm X and her long-term goal is to start her own school in Boston. She lives in Jamaica Plain with her boyfriend Nick and her dog Maya. Listen to her radio diary (click right) or read a partial transcript of Part One, Part Two, or Part Three.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
Francisco Ruiz is the director of the Global Studies SLC (small learning community) at English High School in Boston. Before becoming the director of this group of students and teachers, Francisco was an algebra teacher. He works hard to make this small learning environment grow stronger every day. Listen to his radio diary in Spanish (click right) or read a transcript in English. En español.

Student diaries